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Time to party like it’s 1999!

Monday, January 4th, 1999

Not much news… the bumper still isn’t fixed, unfortunately. But on New Year’s Day, my car hit 30,000 miles! Yay!

My car has also experienced its first real winter… since I’d gotten my car back in ’96, our winters have been rather mild. But snow, sleet, freezing rain, and ice… we’ve seen it all recently in the Delaware Valley. And my car has done GREAT! My only thought is that maybe snow tires would have done some good. Now that I have to commute no matter what the weather, it probably would have provided a little piece of mind (plus I saw lots of Passats on the road, most of which had ’em). Come to think of it, even in the worst of the weather, most of the cars I saw were VWs!

Gosh, I love my car. Anyone know how I can get a job with Volkswagen?


Tuesday, November 24th, 1998

You’re not going to believe this… just a little over two years and 28,600 miles and still going strong… but I got rear-ended the other day! Now I had already found a little nic in the bumper a while back, and tried to have it fixed (painted) but to no avail. Now the whole bumper looks like doodie! I just can’t win, it seems. Boo hoo!

What’s even worse, it seems that there are NO bumpers available in the entire country! They’re 6 weeks backordered, so I’m driving around looking like I don’t care about my car. I thought about putting some bumper stickers on there to cover up the damage, but I really don’t want that sort of look either! So if you find a bumper for my car, please let me know!


Tuesday, February 24th, 1998

20,000 miles and counting… sorry I haven’t updated in a while. Thanks for all the lovely email! I just love the fact that we VW owners are so friendly. Anyone else out there who waves at other VW owners when they’re out driving?

Anyway, I’m actually a bit past 20,000 miles. The car, bunny, and myself are doing fine. Oh, bunny is a little rabbit that’s hanging from the rear-view mirror. Poor bunny’s looking tired though! The car is in fine form… just had an oil change last week. Finally got a new CD-changer installed too… and that just makes everything rock.
VW Club

And I hope all of you VW owners out there have joined the VW Club! I did, and then went to the Volkstoberfest in Morgantown, PA. It was a blast! I love our little newsletter.

So what does everyone think of the New Beetle? Personally, I’m very into it. But then again, I suppose that I would be (you did read my story, didn’t you?). A little pricey, admittedly, and with car payments now I can’t get one right away, but in a year or two… probably. They’re so cute!!! Anyway, I’d have to wait for the VR6. *smile*


Friday, April 4th, 1997

My car and I are doing just fine… a week or so ago we passed the 6008 mile-mark on the speedometer, signifying that I’ve now driven my second VW farther than the first. So maybe I’m not jinxed! Still haven’t had the CD player installed yet, but I did get a snazzy new haircut so that I can drive with the top down and not have it bother me! Thanks to everyone who has written to me… happy driving to you all!